Between the (red) lines

Between the (red) lines - A thought-provoking vernissage is held in our first pop up gallery space in Knokke. This exhibition showcases paintings from both local talent as well as internationally acclaimed artists and spans across multiple art movements and periods. Most pieces do not delve straight into the complexities of human emotions and experiences, but demand some exploring what lies between the lines. Yes, the paintings are visually stunning. But they also challenge the viewer to engage with the artwork and discover maybe some hidden messages. No it will not only be a contemplative introspective but a fun social gathering as well to discuss about art and so much more.

— 15.10.23

Summer Exhibition
Hop in and have a look at our Summer Exhibition at the belgian coast. The expo on view combines promising artists with critically acclaimed work and is an exploration of color and abstraction.

Past exhibitions

21.04.23 — 15.10.23