Yesbutno is a contemporary art gallery and art dealer with a focus on emerging local artists as well as internationally acclaimed artists. It’s a vibrant place, sometimes moving gallery, but welcoming the small and the big art lover. It is also a personal idea which got a bit out of hand. Have a look around. Yes, there is no such thing as a single truth as all is related to context. But, there is no context in which all truth holds. No, an artwork never proclaims to be a single truth, but at least it can be an imaginary truth.  
Office space in Ghent city center

How we work

Take some time to look around and wonder about the artworks. Do you see something particular or some pieces which speak to mind? Just send us a little note and we look for the most convenient way of presenting it physically to you. Being it at your home, in our gallery in Gent or on a location of your preference. Do you have an interest in a particular artist but lack time and knowledge of the market? Just send us a note and we make a little market overview or can look for the work specifically.