Gommaar Gilliams Belgium — 1982

Gommaar Gilliams in his studio

Gommaar Gilliams °1982

Gommaar Gilliams is a Belgian artist born in 1982 in Lier, who lives and works in Hasselt, Belgium. Gommaar Gilliams’ relationship to art history is highly personal. His work is bursting with duality, both in terms of its contents and its techniques. The great power of this lies in his knack for bringing contrasting elements together in a natural way. This is only possible through an understanding of both the light and the dark. With the painterly prowess of Georg Baselitz or Cy Twombly, he creates works in whose gentle magic are reminiscent of the paintings of Paul Klee and in whose naturalism and imagination call to mind the work of the symbolist. Gilliams' works were recently on view in institutions such as MUDEL (Deinze), de Domijnen Sittard (NL) and Aardenburg Kunstfestival (NL). Gommaar Gilliams has recently exhibited in South Africa, Italy and is also represented in USA. (source Sofie van de Velde Gallery)
Gommaar Gilliams, with brilliance within 2022, 120 x 90 cm, oil-oilstick acrylic and prepainted fabrics, framed


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