Andrew Carr UK — 1982

Andrew Carr °1982

Andrew Carr (1982) lives and works in Stockport, England and studied at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury, University of Chester. Andrew about his work: "At a fundamental level my work is simply about manipulating paint and about making images, but I hope through doing this a language emerges that speaks to people, that they can listen to, interpret and understand on their own terms. I don’t like to talk about what my paintings “mean” as what they mean to me won’t be (and doesn’t need to be) the same as what they mean to someone else, I don’t want to force my own perspective on the viewer, which could influence their interaction with the work, and dampen any visceral response they may have. I will work on 20-30 paintings at any time, each one a part of a continuous, infinite series… changing, evolving and circling back on itself. Sometimes I will run off on a tangent for a while, then that idea will collapse and I reverse and pick up on an old thread and head in that direction instead, always exploring and probing the process and language I am developing."

Andrew Carr, Shatter 2022, Oil on canvas, 25 x 25 cm, framed
Andrew Carr, Flutter, Oil on canvas, 25 x 20 cm, framed
Andrew Carr, Embrace them while you can 2022, Oil on canvas, 25 x 20 cm, framed


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